Big Data Services

EnovaData Big Data Services, which include Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Strategic Consulting and Visualization, make information actionable – delivering better insight, for better decisions, and better performance. Big Data services is focused on managing data and applying data science, visualization, predictive analytics, and machine learning algorithms to provide insights and results. Big Data services can enable better government, foster the public welfare, and enhance our customer’s leadership on the global stage by helping drive organizations to nimble, effective and data driven mission support and public service. Big Data and Analytics play a critical role in government operations. Many agencies are awash in data, but without the effective sourcing of this data using Big Data tools, along with targeted analysis, this data is useless. With the right analytical tools and services from EnovaData, data can be sourced effectively and insight and value can be extracted—driving advances in research and scientific discovery, improving quality of life, and enabling full-scale mission support and data-driven decisions. When it comes to getting the most out of our your data, from setting up a platform to providing efficient reporting solutions and Enterprise Information Management, we cover all facets of the Business Intelligence and Analytics space, including:

  • Strategy
  • Business Intelligence
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Visualization
  • IoT Analytics
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics